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October 10, 2020 - Comments Off on Moon Travels II

Moon Travels II

Full moon, new moon, gibbous moon; there is a lot going on with that beautiful glowing sphere up in the sky.  In my last blog, I started my journey about all things moon. 🙂 I shared with you my thoughts and findings of my first toe-dip in what feels like an ocean full of info about the moon. As I am a very down to earth person, I find it difficult to truly believe the moon can have a huge impact on one's life. However, I cannot deny that during a full moon my former students were crazily energetic. Even research proved that during the full moon phase our sleep quality is not up to par.  That is why I think I should give this whole moon thing a chance. Will you join me?

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September 22, 2020 - Comments Off on Moon travels I

Moon travels I

Every now and then I have these restless nights. I toss and turn and it takes ages for me to fall asleep. The next day I feel tired and my brain can be best described as Christmas lights: not bright, yet very cosy and warm. I searched for a reason why I couldn't sleep and up until now, I didn't really find one.
While I was doing something else completely, I stumbled upon a blog in which the writer briefly mentioned having restless nights before and during the full moon. It intrigued me and I started reading about the moon and its effect on people. There are lots of weird spiritual websites and books that are just a tad too much for me, which made me decide to find my own path, backed up by science and down-to-earth common sense. So, if you are not so much into the whole spiritual mumbo jumbo, join me on my travels to the moon. I promise to keep both feet firmly on the ground. 😉

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January 31, 2020 - Comments Off on Don’t eat healthy snacks!

Don’t eat healthy snacks!

I see many coaches posting recipes for healthy snacks. To me, this is rather counterproductive. A healthy snack is not healthy. It remains a snack and does not solve the underlying problem. Does this mean you cannot have a snack every once in a while? Sure you can! But please, eat a good one. Personally, I always choose a good chocolate bar over a healthy smoothie Why...? Read this blog.

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January 3, 2020 - Comments Off on Middle eastern salad a la Marthea

Middle eastern salad a la Marthea

Variety is important when you want to eat healthily as it helps you stick to your healthy lifestyle, it makes the meals more satisfying and less boring and last but not least, it gives you a general feeling of bliss when you taste new flavours. That is why I am always looking for new recipes. The recipe of today's salad is created by my good friend Marthea and it is an amazing dish. Easy to prepare and so tasteful that I cannot keep the recipe all to myself.

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November 25, 2019 - Comments Off on How to Hygge?

How to Hygge?

Maybe you already heard of it: Hygge! Hygge is a trend that is growing really fast and for good reason. It is a nice way to create calm and peace in your home. As I was curious what Hygge exactly is I went on an internet search and came up with a nice little list of tips and ways to create Hygge for yourself. Read more

October 6, 2019 - Comments Off on Catching some ZZZZZ

Catching some ZZZZZ

Everyone knows sleep is supposed to be good for you. But why is it that important? And how can you make sure you get a good night's rest? In this blog, I'll share my tips with you.

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