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Moon Travels II

Full moon, new moon, gibbous moon; there is a lot going on with that beautiful glowing sphere up in the sky.  In my last blog, I started my journey about all things moon. 🙂 I shared with you my thoughts and findings of my first toe-dip in what feels like an ocean full of info about the moon. As I am a very down to earth person, I find it difficult to truly believe the moon can have a huge impact on one's life. However, I cannot deny that during a full moon my former students were crazily energetic. Even research proved that during the full moon phase our sleep quality is not up to par.  That is why I think I should give this whole moon thing a chance. Will you join me?

What is today's blog about?

So last time we talked about the real basics. (What is the moon? What is a full moon and does it affect our sleep?)
From a purely scientific point of view, we can say the full moon does have a small impact on our sleeping patterns but that does not clarify why my former students sometimes looked like a bunch of puppies on Speed. There must be more to it than just the sleeping part. That is why I began reading about the moon cycle and the different phases in this cycle. Today I would like to share these different phases with you and how Yasmin Boland, the writer of the book 'Moonology', interprets these phases. Yasmin explains that each phase is a part of a process in which you can improve and empower your life. That, to me, sounds a bit far fetched but as I explained earlier, I am going to keep an open mind and try out something new! I mean, I also did not believe in Reiki at first, but now I relieve people of pain on a daily basis I shouldn't be too much of sceptic. So with no further ado: What is the moon cycle?

The moon cycle

As you probably know, the moon orbits the Earth. It takes about a month(28 days) to circle around the earth completely. The moon's, sun's and earth's positions dictate how we perceive the moon. (round, crescent, not visible at all etc.) There are 8 phases in the moon cycle. In the picture below you can see what they look like.

The different phases in the moon/lunar cycle can, according to Yasmin Boland, be used to make dreams/wishes come true. Today, I am going to explain all phases of the moon. In my next blogs, I will explain each phase more specifically and how to use this cycle. You'll notice there are 2 parts in the cycle; a building part and a reflect & calm down part. The full moon is in the middle of these 2.

The eight phases in the moon cycle

The New moon phase
(plant the seeds of your future dreams)
  • potential, new beginnings, dreams.

This is the first phase of the moon/lunar cycle. The New Moon phase is all about a clean slate, potential and dreams. This is the moment to start manifesting your dreams. Ideas seem to be bubbling up out of nowhere. Suggested is to meditate on these ideas in order to better tune in on yourself. Getting a massage or a hot bath is also recommended as is it the perfect time for it.
In this period, there should be 1 or 2 ideas that keep popping up in your head. This is a sign that it is something important to you and maybe you need to explore these ideas and try to manifest them. If you would like to do so, you should write them down or draw them, making sure that what you want is very clear to your mind's eye.

The Waxing Crescent Moon phase
  • Moving forwards, courage, have faith

This is the time in the lunar cycle where you let your dreams blossom and grow. The moon is moving from invisible to fully visible (full moon). Your dreams/ideas will do the same. You may not know how your dreams are going to manifest themselves exactly but just like the crescent moon now, it will show you a glimpse of what is to come.
Stay focussed on your ideas. Read again what you have written down in the New Moon phase and visualize. The ideas should become more real; feel more real.
People often say: if you want something, you've got to chase it. This is also the case here. That is why it is important to really know what you want and truly believe it will happen. This means extra work for you if you are a bit insecure about it all. Go all in and set your mind to it.


The First Quarter Moon phase
  • commitment, confidence, challenges

At this point in the lunar circle, the moon and the sun make a hard angle. This creates a bit of trouble, a metaphorical hick-up so to speak.  It becomes harder and harder to keep going and focussing on your intentions as things seem to be taking a turn for the worse. Keep your focus and reread your wishes/intentions. Keep a positive mindset. Just like the moon now, you are halfway there! Keep it up!

The Gibbous Moon phase
  • tweak, adjust, keeping faith

This is the time to not get impatient and assess your plans. Will your plan still lead you to your goal (wish) or does it need some tweaking? Assess, adjust and stay on course. Maybe you did not even make plans to reach your goal. That is totally ok to. The Gibbous moon phase is a good time to make plans or to get back into good habits, so get to it and commit. Try not to get impatient. You will get there. Keep your focus.

The full Moon phase
  • results, forgiveness, gratitude

This is the high light (pun fully intended) of the lunar circle. If you are "moon-sensitive" you can feel quite excited and anxious. Your body kind of senses that something big, a climax if you will, is coming. This is the time where one of your wishes is (about to) coming true.

Use the full moon phase to release and let go. When something hasn't worked out, just let it go and be grateful for all you do have in your life. The full moon phase is the time where emotions pop up and they need to be dealt with otherwise they'll fester within you.
Forgiveness is a keyword for this phase. Forgiveness provides you with clarity and the clearer you are now, the easier it is during the new moon to set even stronger goals. Forgive and then be grateful for what is.


The Disseminating Moon phase (or Waning Gibbous Moon)
  • relax, accept, regroup

This is a phase where you take things slow and just recenter yourself. The last couple of weeks have taken up a lot of energy so if you need to rest, do so. Accept what you have learned these past few weeks and where you are right now in your life.

The Third Quarter Moon phase
  • re-evaluate, balance, trust

This is a bit of a weird phase. We are stuck between the full moon with all its energy and the new moon. We need to reorientate ourselves and let go of negative thoughts. There is a new moon coming and we should prepare ourselves for it. This is a time of looking back and reward ourselves for our hard work but also to look forward and to ask the question of 'Where next?'. Are you sticking with your old plan or are you going to make a new one? Additionally, this is a good time to break away from bad habits as well as figuring out what the reasons behind conflicts you have can be.

The Balsamic Moon phase (or Waning Crescent Moon)
  • healing soothing surrender

The last phase of the lunar cycle is here. Time to let go and move on. Time for rest and healing. Give yourself some well-deserved rest. Letting go can mean losing as bad habit but also ending a relationship. It is time to relax, breathe and just live gently. Just surrender to life/earth/the universe/god, whatever floats your boat. But above all, be kind to yourself. The new moon is coming so just live in the present for now. New ideas will soon come up.


Well, that is a lot of mumbo jumbo, if you ask me. 😉 and I think it all sounds a bit wishy-washy. Nevertheless, I think I should try to implement this in my life. So for the next lunar cycle I'll be following these guidelines and see where it leads me. If you would like to join me, follow me on @rocksmoonandwitchery on Instagram. I'll be posting about all things you need to know.

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