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September 22, 2020 - Comments Off on Moon travels I

Moon travels I

Every now and then I have these restless nights. I toss and turn and it takes ages for me to fall asleep. The next day I feel tired and my brain can be best described as Christmas lights: not bright, yet very cosy and warm. I searched for a reason why I couldn't sleep and up until now, I didn't really find one.
While I was doing something else completely, I stumbled upon a blog in which the writer briefly mentioned having restless nights before and during the full moon. It intrigued me and I started reading about the moon and its effect on people. There are lots of weird spiritual websites and books that are just a tad too much for me, which made me decide to find my own path, backed up by science and down-to-earth common sense. So, if you are not so much into the whole spiritual mumbo jumbo, join me on my travels to the moon. I promise to keep both feet firmly on the ground. 😉

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