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How to Hygge?

Maybe you already heard of it: Hygge! Hygge is a trend that is growing really fast and for good reason. It is a nice way to create calm and peace in your home. As I was curious what Hygge exactly is I went on an internet search and came up with a nice little list of tips and ways to create Hygge for yourself.

What exactly is Hygge?

Hygge is a word that comes from the Norwegian language. It means "well being". Hygge is about creating an environment in your home that is comforting, relaxing, cosy and nice. A place where you and your loved ones feel totally comfortable and calm.

To me, it feels as if Hygge is about taking a step back from technology and modern-day life. A little bit of back to basic and slowing down your body and mind.

How can you do Hygge? 7 ways to bring Hygge in your life.

I found some tips for you to try and bring some Hygge moments in your life. It is all about enjoying a moment and not a permanent lifestyle change. So please do not throw out your lamps and electronic equipment.

1 Light candles

Candlelight, campfires and fireplaces have that enchanting power to let yourself get lost in thought while you stare into those flickering flames. It brings calm and peace. So turn down the electric lights and use candles every now and then. Put on your most comfortable clothes and just enjoy a candlelit evening with a cup of tea and a good book.


2 Monotask.

We do so many things at the same time. Cooking, checking our phone, trying to keep the kids from killing each other. As I do agree, the latter is one you should always prioritize but I think you know what I mean. Every now and then do 1 thing without any distraction. Whether it is cooking, folding laundry, writing a letter, it does not matter. Turn off your phone, close the door and just do that one thing. Be right there, in that moment. If this is difficult for you, I would like to suggest a colouring book for adults. It sounds strange but just focussing on those shapes that need a colour makes a good start for some monotasking.

3 Be together

Pick a weekly moment where you and your loved ones do a thing together. At our home, it is Games day every Sunday afternoon. We play board games and eat some snacks. It is a great moment and we never skip it. If you don't like games you can do something else, a weekly dinner, a walk, or drinking a glass of wine in front of the fireplace as long as you do it together.

4 Winter is the start of Hygge

Wintertime is the time of Hygge. As the days get shorter and the dark nights longer, life slows down a bit. Create an environment of cosy in your home. Lovely warm blankets, cushions, hot chocolate, candles and nice comfy chairs can turn your home into Hygge heaven. This gives you a feeling of safety and comfort. It is so nice when you are out in the cold and can think of all the warmth and cosiness that awaits you when you get home. The thought alone instantly makes you happier.

5 Read a real book

Although I really do love my kindle, I must admit that sitting in my comfy place with an actual book calms me right down. This also goes for my phone. I am utterly happy with the device but the constant light in my eyes (even in dark mode) messes me up a bit. So I picked an evening where I just not use my phone, kindle or tv.

6 Food

Food is one of our basic needs and I cannot stress more that you should always be in the moment when you eat, not only for health reasons (overeating happens often when we do not focus on our meal) but additionally, it brings so much more value to the meal. Someone put the effort into cooking a meal. Show appreciation for this effort by sitting down at the table, turn off the tv and just enjoy the meal and company.

7 Use a pen

My handwriting is an abomination and that is one of the main reasons I type most of my messages; people simply cannot read it otherwise! I do make one exception and that is my memory diary. I always try to write in it daily. It is not a diary that starts with the cheesy line: "dear diary". The book has 365 pages and poses different questions on each page. It is a great way of reflecting on your daily life. Also, it brings back memories every time you thumb through the book. A really fun way of looking at your life. Here is one that I found on the internet.


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